My first post on my first blog. here goes!

    I recall two opening scenes which really grab your attention:

       In EDGE OF DARKNESS, starring Errol Flynn and Ann Sheridan, the film opens with a German patrol   boat coming into an oocupied Norwegian coastal village during WW2 and finding the village deserted  and full of dead bodies!  A gripping story with a stellar cast including Judith Anderson and Walter Huston.

When  MANHUNT opens, Walter Pidgeon is seen taking aim  through a rifle barrel at Adolph Hitler! He pulls the trigger, but we discover there is no bullet in the gun!

Any other suggestions?

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  1. Many great openings come to mind. The opening of Robert Siodmak’s ‘The Killers’ for instance. The menace of William Conrad and Charles McGraw as they stroll into town looking for Burt Lancaster to kill him. Two hoods in a small town setting always come across a meancing.

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