DOUGLAS FOWLEY: One of the reliables

My quote of the week is from Douglas Fowley to Anne Gwynne in THE GLASS ALIBI:

Wear that dress that’s held up by willpower!”

I love how Douglas, at his most menacing, snarls between his clenched teeth. Nobody can do it better.

GLASS ALIBI is a little gem of a thriller.Douglas plays a shady reporter involved with unscrupulous Anne Gwynne. He cons wealthy Maris Wrixon into marriage – she only has six months to live – you get the picture!

Then I think of him as the distraught  director in SINGIN’ IN THE RAIN, trying ever disparingly to get Jean Hagen to pay attention to the hidden microphones.

Or as the eager auctioneer in THE BAND WAGON trying to sell off Fred Astaire’s effects:

“…5 dollars? –  1 dollar –  50 cents? – anything?? “

Watching PRC’s LADY IN THE DEATH HOUSE, it was interesting to see Douglas in a leading role where he is not a gangster or conman or general bad guy.

He plays a scientist who also doubles as the state executioner! I kid you not!

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  1. Loved Fowley in the war film, Battleground. He was great actor, that’s for sure, that’s for dang sure. If you ever saw Battleground, you will know what I mean, 🙂 .

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