….Jeanette MacDonald’s dancing ability in THE FIREFLY always surprises me.This isnt the case of a singer ‘getting by’ in production numbers involving dancing.Jeanette was a dancer of merit. Isnt it a pity MGM didnt let Jeanette do more dancing.

……For me, TWO FACED WOMAN doesnt deserve the panning it gets. Garbo looks wonderful – the plot was silly but had enough going for it to make it passable,helped along by players of the calibre of Melvyn Douglas and Constance Bennett.


…….Favorite songs, beautifully sung – “In the Still of the Night”, Nelson Eddy, ROSALIE.

…….Olivia De Havilland on Bette Davis: Bette Davis is  a basically benevolent volcano – in constant eruption!”

………In a 1986 TV interview,Bette Davis was asked, the major disappointment in her life:  “With no further comment, my daughter’s book.”

…….When asked why she didnt attend the Oscars for MORNING GLORY, Katharine Hepburn said simply,  “Afraid I’d lose”.

The adult Shirley Temple,when asked if she was fed up with “Good ship Lollipop”, said wryly,”I would have preferred “Over the Rainbow”.

Funniest scene in RADIO CITY REVELS was Jack Oakie and Milton Berle trying to get Bob Burns to fall asleep by throwing real sheep from one to the other over Bob’s bed!

FIRST CHOICES:  Ronald Colman for “De Winter” in REBECCA :       Joseph Cotten for SPELLBOUND .

……..Not surprising, ROADHOUSE in France became LA DAME AUX CIGARETTES. Ida Lupino smoked almost nonstop in this great movie.

………..First scene in JOHNNY ALLEGRO is of George Raft arranging flowers in a flower shop. “Johnny Allegro, Florist” is the name on the shop door. Of course George turns out to be a former gangster. That’ s turning over a new leaf!

           ………..In a TV documentary about Fred Astaire from some years back, Pandro  Berman ,   RKO’s head of production, said that after DANCING LADY, …..”MGM wanted to keep him but he was under contract to RKO.”

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