ALAN LADD  provided a fascinating interview with Alan Ladd’s son , David.

David had many interesting things to say:

“…..Dad was a grip on CAPTAIN BLOOD.”

” ….he was a wonderful Gatsby in THE GREAT GATSBY. Paramount should release it on   dvd. It’s a very significant film in my father’s career.”

     “…OSS was one of my favorites as a kid. Dad and William Bendix were best friends after meeting on THE BLUE DAHLIA. “

                                         “….There was a wonderful magnetism between them (Alan and Veronica Lake, but there was no off stage translation!”

                                       ….”Dad enjoyed doing westerns, we spent weekends at our ranch. Right after SHANE, George Stevens bought GIANT  – he wanted dad for the role of Jett Rink but he turned it down. He also passed on THE LOST WEEKEND.”

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