Joan Davis in SALLY, IRENE AND MARYbemoaning the lack of a boyfriend;

       “I feel like a bedspread. I’ve been turned down so often!”

Spencer Tracy to Clark Gable in SAN FRANCISCO:

“So she had to harpoon you. A girl any man in San Francisco would give his right arm for, but she had to harpoon you.”

Kim Novak to James Stewart in VERTIGO;

“If I let you change me ,will that do it, will you love me?”

James Cagney accepting his Life Achievement Award in 1974:

“I never said:’You dirty rat’,what I said was ,’Judy, Judy, Judy!”

Last line from Mickey Rooney in ANDY HARDY MEETS DEBUTANTE as he gazes at photos of Judy Garland,Ann Rutherford and Diana Lewis:

“Gosh, how one’s women do mount up!”

    Cary Grant in BRINGING UP BABY: “Is that zoo?”

“Nobody’s talking baby talk.”

Celeste Holm to Anne Baxter in ALL ABOUT EVE:

“To think you would do all that, just for a part in a play.”

In THE KENNEL MURDER CASE, William Powell says to Eugene Pallette, “What do you think of the suicide theory now, Sergeant?”   Pallette replies:  “Well, it’s slightly complicated if he shot, slugged and stabbed himself – particularly in the back!”

     In MACAO, Jane Russell is angry with Robert Mitchum and is throwing things at him. As he ducks, Mitchum responds:

“What do you think we are – delegates to a peace conference!”  

   Ruth Donnelly,on being asked about repairs to a squeaking door, (she’s the landlady in AUTUMN LEAVES):

“That’s life, if it aint a squeak, it’s a squawk!”

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  1. I love this exchange between Vivian (Lauren Bacall) and Marlowe (Humphrey Bogart) in “The Big Sleep”:
    Vivian (taunting): So you’re a private detective. I didn’t know they existed, except in books. Or else they were greasy little men snooping around hotel corridors. My, you’re a mess, aren’t you?
    Marlowe: I’m not very tall either. Next time, I’ll come on stilts, wear a white tie and carry a tennis racket.


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