I love the opening title themes in the following westerns:

THE SONS OF KATIE ELDER.    An exciting theme by Elmer Bernstein, and I was lucky enough to see Mr Bernstein in person conducting the theme played by a big orchestra. Memorable.

GUN FIGHT AT THE OK CORRAL.   The one and only Frankie Laine sings this title song and prepares us for this exciting  Lancaster/Douglas western.  …”Duty calls, my back’s against the wall…” Song by Dimitri Tiomkin and Ned Washington.

RIO BRAVO.   The wagon train,led by Ward Bond and Ricky Nelson, coming into town. no lyrics, just Dimitri Tiomkin’s theme. later sung by Dean Martin – “….. the rollin’ Rio Bravo rolls along….” (lyrics, Paul Francis Webster).

THE HANGING TREE.   Not an easy title to write around, but Marty Robbins does it with a catchy tune about hanging your dreams on the Hanging Tree.

JOHNNY GUITAR.  Wonderful title song , and Peggy Lee’s rendition is haunting. A mesmorising melody by Victor Young, lyrics by Peggy Lee.   …”Play it again….”

HIGH NOON.  Unforgettably sung by Tex Ritter, this song actually tells the whole story of the film!

Over the song, we see Lee Van Cleef, Sheb Wooley and Robert Wilke assemble.

“….Look at that big hand move along, nearin’ High Noon.”  Song by Dimitri Tiomkin and Ned Washington.

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