I suppose we all have favorite performers we feel should have been big stars. I feel this way about CONSTANCE MOORE . She had beauty,acting ability and an appealing singing voice. I love her beautiful rendition of “It had to be You” from that little gem, SHOWBUSINESS.

CHARLOTTE GREENWOOD  was always a joy. She showed her amazing vitality,high-kicking and dancing round in a circle while singing “Sing To Your Senorita” in DOWN ARGENTINE WAY.

In GOLD DIGGERS OF 1935, Winifred Shaw starts singing “Lullaby of Broadway” as her face is seen in the distance until it gradually fills the screen,leading into the classic tap routine by dozens of dancers – the music stops and all we hear are the tapping feet, filmed from every conceivable angle by Busby Berkeley – even under the dancers’ feet!

I love how RED SKELTON harmonises so well with Fred Astaire in the Kalmar and Ruby songs in THREE LITTLE WORDS, especially “My Sunny Tennessee”. (I love too how, until the last scene of the film, Astaire cant come up with lyrics for the tune his partner  Skelton has written – those “three little words.”



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