Hollywood was always promoting future film projects, so many of which just never happened, but if you were a film magazine devotee in the 30s and 40s, they gave you plenty of eye-watering possibilities!

FILM WEEKLY, Sept. 1939:  “Garbo met Bela Lugosi for the first time when he joined the cast of  NINOTCHKA..”

FILM WEEKLY,August, 1939:  “Greer  Garson will appear in THE ZIEGFELD FOLLIES,MGM’s all-star revue, in company with Norma Shearer,Joan Crawford,Robert Taylor,Clark Gable,Spencer Tracy and many more…”

FILM WEEKLY,Sept.1939: “Following BROADWAY MELODY OF 1940, Fred Astaire will go into GIRL CRAZY,with Eleanor Powell and Eddie Cantor..”

FILM PICTORIAL,Sept.1937: “George Raft will next have a role in BEAU GESTE, to be made in color…”

PICTUREGOER, Sept. 1940: “It is now definite that Norma Shearer and George Raft will be costarred in THE WORLD WE MAKE..”

PICTUREGOER,July, 1941: “The latest Hollywood story is that Sam Goldwyn would like Ginger Rogers to play opposite Gary Cooper in THE PROFESSOR AND THE BURLESQUE QUEEN. Gary and Ginger would be a sure-fire box office attraction, but what about changing the title, Sam?”

 Jan. 1938: “Dennis O’Keefe will be Joan Crawford’s leading man in THE SHOPWORN ANGEL..  Randolph Scott and Dorothy Lamour will play the leads in A JOURNEY TO MARS…  Tyrone Power will play Disraeli in THE RISE OF DISRAELI…”

PICTURESHOW, Nov.1938: “If Ronald Colman takes the lead in DODGE CITY, it will be his first Technicolor picture and his first western since silent days..”

FILM PICTORIAL, Oct.1938: “Another British star sails for Hollywood.Vivien Leigh has been cast in an important role in Cecil B. DeMille’s UNION PACIFIC…”

FILM PICTORIAL, July 1939: “When Columbia remakes THE FRONT PAGE under the tile THE BIGGER THEY COME,the leading role made famous by Lee Tracy will be taken over by Irene Dunne. Opposite her will be Cary Grant – which knocks on the head any idea of Cary becoming Garbo’s leading man in NINOTCHKA…”

FILM WEEKLY,July 1935: “It is rumoured that MGM want George Arliss to play the lead in GOODBYE MR CHIPS. Failing Arliss,Leslie Howard may do it…”

PICTUREGOER,Dec. 1941: “Following their successful teaming in IT STARTED WITH EVE, Universal hope to remake PHANTOM OF THE OPERA with Charles Laughton and Deanna Durbin..”

FILM WEEKLY,Jan.1939: “Universal hope to persuade Charles Boyer to sign with them. If he does,he will costar with Deanna Durbin in FIRST LOVE..    Henry Fonda is the latest candidate for the star part in GOLDEN BOY…”

PICTUREGOER,Oct.1943: “MGM will produce WEEKEND AT THE WALDORF, a musical version of GRAND HOTEL,with Judy Garland in the all-star cast…    Ingrid Bergman and Humphrey Bogart will costar in an Irving Berlin musical drama,LIBERTY HALL..”


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