Hollywood advertising. You cant beat it. Every film is the best ever made. It must have been fun coming up with the slogans to lure us in!

“I dont care what people think…..the baby’s MINE..”  (THREE SECRETS) 

     “The diet’s a riot..!”  (THE MAN WHO CAME TO DINNER)

“She’s something new for ’42!” (JUKE GIRL)

“She’s O’Glamorous….she’s O’Gorgeous….She’s O’Glorious..!”  (THE DAUGHTER OF ROSIE O’GRADY)

“Through indescribable dangers to a girl he had to find.” (DARK PASSAGE)

“We will thrill you….chill you…kill you..!” (THE LODGER)

“Meet me in enchantment!”  (MEET ME IN ST LOUIS)  

Could you forgive the unforgivable sin?”  (THE UNFAITHFUL)

“They forgot the past…..ignored the future……they lived just for this SEPTEMBER AFFAIR.”

“The name he called her was ‘Flame’. and to hold her,he set a land ablaze!” (THE FLAME AND THE ARROW).

“Blackmail was her trade,riches her aim,beauty her weapon – the notorious Mrs. Cheveley.” (AN IDEAL HUSBAND.)

“It’s a deadly game of ‘tag’, and Cary Grant is ‘it’…(NORTH BY NORTHWEST)

“Pick up the pieces, folks! Jimmy’s in action again!” (WHITE HEAT)

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