……  It’s fascinating in MANHATTAN MELODRAMA to hear Rodgers and Hart’s classic song, “Blue Moon”, under its first incarnation, “The Bad in Every Man” (with “Oh Lord” instead of “Blue moon”).Shirley Ross sang it. Mr Hart got it right the second time.

…….The only Perry Mason and Della Street for me are Raymond Burr and Barbara Hale. In THE CASE OF THE CURIOUS BRIDE, the parts were played   by Warren William and Claire Dodd. This film had the added interest of seeing Errol Flynn in a minor role. Loved the “Welcome” mat at the county morgue!

………..Only Cecil B. DeMille could start a film with four people secretly leaving a ship which has bubonic plague.Such was the fate of Claudette Colbert,William Gargan,Herbert Marshall and Mary Boland in FOUR FRIGHTENED PEOPLE. I wish I could say the film got even more exciting, but it didnt.

   ……I love that line from suitably sinister Leslie Banks as Count Zaroff in THE MOST DANGEROUS GAME:     “Here on my island, I hunt the most dangerous game”.

……….In BROADWAY, S.Z.Sakall asks the nightclub girls : “Please,girls,smile at the gentlemen.”  The one and only Iris Adrian quips back:  “Smile at ’em. It’s all I can do to keep from laughin’ out loud at ’em!”

……   Listening to the Screen Guild Theater radio adaptation of DOUBLE INDEMNITY, there’s only so much you can get into half an hour. Fred MacMurray and Barbara Stanwyck starred, but Walter Abel played the Edward G.Robinson role. Missing was Eddie G’s memorable last line, “Closer than that, Walter.”

……..The greatest gangster double act ever? The casual killers of THE KILLERS, Charles McGraw and William Conrad. What a scene stealing, dynamite duo.

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