There is a book I love called MAGIC MOMENTS FROM THE MOVIES (by Elwy Yost, 1978) in which the author beautifully describes memorable scenes from films.

For THE HEIRESS, this is what he says:

In THE HEIRESS, Montgomery Clift thinks that Olivia de Havilland has forgiven him for his betrayal.Years earlier he had failed to show up at her doorstep on the night of their planned elopement.

Now he returns and finds that she has matured into a lovely woman, and he has restated his love for her. He hopes she will now run away with him. butt,alas,he is dead,dead wrong.

    At the film’s climax, Catherine Sloper (Olivia) mounts the great hallway staircase of her mansion on Washington Square as Morris Thompson (Clift) pounds on the front door calling her name. Candle in hand,her face bears a look of proud triumph as she rounds the curve in the stairs ,leaving her betrayer the way she had once been left – in limbo.

Clift, in a state of frenzy,pounds furiously on the door and continues to pound as “The End” steals up on the screen and the film fades.”

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