THE SHOP AROUND THE CORNER  is a delightful film ,with a great cast. One of my favorite characters is played by Joseph Schildkraut who, as ‘Vadas’, is the definitve ‘Yes’ man. James Stewart, as ‘Alfred’, has the pleasure of throwing him out of the store when his affair with shop owner Matuschek’s wife is revealed.

Another winning performance comes from William Tracy who is promoted to clerk at the end of the film – he then ‘lords’ it over the new messenger boy.

Felix Bressart , as ‘Pirovitch’, is another of these sterling character actors,possibly best known as one of the comrades in NINOTCHKA.  Frank Morgan gets away from his usual dithering,jolly character and is quite moving as Matuschek who realises his wife of 22 years is unfaithful.

Of course Margaret Sullavan and James Stewart are ideally cast as Klara and Alfred whose initial dislike of each other is happily reversed at the end of the film. All in all, the kind of film which typifies the best of vintage Hollywood.

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