I hadn’t realised that Van Johnson and Vera Miles had made two films together in England. 23 PACES TO BAKER STREET was a good thriller, and the second one, BEYOND THIS PLACE (1959) isn’t quite as good,especially since talented actress Vera Miles has so little to do.
Van Johnson’s character had been born in Liverpool. At the start of World War 2 he is evacuated to America with his mother , after his father is convicted of murder.
Now he is back to try and see his father in prison and find out what happened. He meets Vera and she helps in his search for the truth of a 20 year crime.
A good supporting cast included Emlyn Williams, Jean Kent and Bernard Lee. Lee in particular was impressive as Van’s father. We see him, happy and carefree with his young son and then how bitter he has become after a wrongful conviction and all these years in prison.
Unfortunately. I guessed who the villain was!

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