What a great title. Before viewing you can just imagine you are going to see a great little thriller, especially when  the director is Anthony Mann.
But this 1945 RKO film has the handicap of a rather wooden leading man in Tom Conway, and a leading lady, Ann Rutherford who was never allowed to play a serious role – of which I am sure she was capable.
So this wonderful title becomes a lightweight comedy thriller with Ann as a taxi driver who finds Conway who has lost his memory. The title has nothing to do with anything in the plot. It is simply the title of a play.
It was interesting to see Jane Greer, billed as Bettejane Greer in a small part. The film is fast paced and shows Anthony Mann’s credentials as a director.
But, with say,John Payne and Ella Raines and some re-writing, this story might have lived up to its glorious title!

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