imageAnother lovely scene description from the ever excellent MAGIC MOMENTS FROM THE MOVIES  by Elwy Yost:

“THE THING,directed by Christian Nyby under Howard Hawks’ umbrella, is a dandy piece of science fiction.
The great moment occurs after an expeditionary team of scientists has moved in on dog sled to the site of a ‘landing’, and has walked out onto the surface of the ‘lake’ to trace the shape of the ‘object’, which they can just barely make out under the ice.
The scientists spread out,each assuming a position immediately above the objects’s perimeter, then they all raise their heads and look at each other and observe in amazement the pattern their bodies have thus created on the ice surface.
The music is appropriately ominous; the camera pulls back and up and cranes slightly downward upon the group; and what we see before us is a perfect circle.”

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