Hard to believe but so many memorable films didn’t get the votes that would have resulted in that Oscar statuette.

Here are a few. Maybe you can add some?

THE LETTER. Bette Davis at her very best, even as she kills the man she loved.

DOUBLE INDEMNITY. Rated by nearly everybody as one of the best thrillers, with great performances from Stanwyck, Robinson and MacMurray.

NINOTCHKA . Garbo laughs and Melvyn Douglas does too. Ina Claire so superior. How could this gem miss out.

REAR WINDOW. Surely not, no Oscar for one of Hitchcock’s coolest thrillers. If only because of the one and only Thelma Ritter and that great set outside Stewart’s window.

THE MALTESE FALCON. Ahead of its time? A new director, John Huston and a new star, Bogart. And the sublime Greenstreet, Lorre and Cook.

BAD DAY AT BLACK ROCK. totally absorbing, with a stellar cast headed by Spencer Tracy, Robert Ryan, Ernest Borgnine and Lee Marvin.

NORTH BY NORTHWEST. Another Hitchcock unjustly overlooked, though not by film lovers.

Or am I just picking my own favorites which didn’t win. Of course!

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