Vincent Price as a swindler with an elaborate scheme to take over the state of Arizona  by inventing a family history for Ellen Drew. Unusual story and a good part for Vincent.

Beulah Bondi has a couple of scenes as a teacher to Ellen.


Claudette Colbert is a nun trying to prove Ann Blyth hasn’t committed murder. Gladys Cooper has a small role as the Mother Superior at the convent/hospital which is caught in a storm.

Connie Gilchrist is good as always – a feisty nun!image

Tall, stunning Stephanie Bachelor is the femme fatale and murderer whose favorite form of disposing of people is via an elevator shaft!
At the end of the 57 minute thriller, she says, “I want the best looking wardrobe a jury ever saw!”
Of course Stephanie will always be Princess Nirvena in LADY OF BURLESQUE.


Robert Newton as a doctor obsessively jealous of his beautiful wife Sally Gray who is having an affair .   

Newton kidnaps the boyfriend and keeps him hidden with a view to killing him and disposing of his body.

Naunton Wayne, in a rare dramatic role, plays the policeman who suspects Newton.


Post war drama with Richard Arlen as a returning veteran who has lost his memory.

image He decides to visit the families of 4 soldiers killed in action in the hope he can find out who he is.

Richard_Arlen_R1-416x547WIFE WANTED:

Made at Monogram and produced by Kay Francis who seemed to spend most of the budget on her outfits!

Kay plays a fading movie star who goes into business with crooked Paul KavanaghVeda Ann Borg  has a good part as Paul’s equally scheming wife.

I’m always amazed at how much plot you can get into a 60 minute movie.                                                                 imageI liked them all. Sally Gray was impressive in “Obsession.” It’s a wonder Hollywood didnt snap her up.

Sad in a way to see Kay Francis reduced to what she probably considered the bottom of the barrel – Monogram, but “Wife Wanted” is good.

I could see “Obsession” in an American location and suiting me better. Robert Newton is a good actor but didnt convince me as an obsessive lover.

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