1946: John Ford wanted Jeanne Crain to play Clementine in MY DARLING CLEMENTINE but Zanuck said, ” She is the biggest box office attraction on the lot today. The part is so small.”

1946: “Norma Shearer and Claudette Colbert have been suggested for the role of Lucy in THE GHOST AND MRS MUIR. Many people believe Norma Shearer has one great picture left in her and she could make the same comeback as Joan Crawford last year in MILDRED PIERCE.
She is certainly no deader that Joan was.”

1948: “Recently we made over LOVE IS NEWS with Ty Power playing exactly the same role he played ten years ago. We now call it THAT WONDERFUL URGE. No reviewer has mentioned it as a remake!”

ALL ABOUT EVE: Zanuck considered Claudette Colbert and Barbara Stanwyck for Margo, John Garfield or Gary Merrill for Bill, Jose Ferrer for Addison and Jeanne Crain for Eve.
When Claudette was injured, Zanuck called Bette Davis.

1951: To Marilyn Monroe:
“Dear Marilyn, your request to have a special dialogue director work with you on the set is a completely impractical and impossible request. We engage a director and trust him to direct the picture. You cannot be coached on the sidelines….
In DONT BOTHER TO KNOCK,it is more important than ever that  you place yourself in the hands of the director – or ask to be relieved from the role.”

1952: WHITE WITCH DOCTOR:”When you put a title like ‘White Witch Doctor’ on a screen,the public expects to see a picture about a  white witch doctor. A picture based on the current script could well be called ‘The Woman Missionary’.”


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