If you want to hear vintage American radio shows, just check out
There is SO much to listen to!
SCREEN DIRECTORS PLAYHOUSE has 120 episodes, some running 30 minutes and some one hour.
One I listened to recently was a half hour adaptation of YELLOW SKY, introduced by the film ‘s director, William Wellman.
It starred Gregory Peck, but no Anne Baxter or Richard Widmark.
Gloria Blondell (Joan Blondell’s younger sister) played Anne’s part.
Amazing how much they could fit in in just half an hour.


In the THE SPENCER TRACY  LEGACY TV documentary, (1986), Susie Tracy, his daughter showed a rare diary Spencer kept for a few years in the late 30s/early 40s.
One entry for 27 August,1941 said simply,”Started work with Katharine Hepburn. Woman of the Year. George Stevens director.”
Earlier, on 7 June 1937, he wrote, “Jean Harlow died – grand girl.”


A classic story but worth repeating:

Geraldine Fitzgerald,describing the final scene in DARK VICTORY, said Bette Davis didn’t want any musical accompaniment as she made the final journey up the stairs to her bedroom.
In her discussion with director Edmund Goulding, Bette said :“Either I’m going up those stairs or Max Steiner is – we are not going up together.


A WOMAN’S WORLD: what a cast as three couples compete for the top job in Clifton Webb’s company.

Lauren Bacall and Fred MacMurray whose marriage is breaking down, he has an ulcer .
June Allyson and Cornel Wilde. The most normal couple though June Allyson is irritatingly unaware of what is going on in the world of big business.
My favorite twosome are Arlene Dahl and Van Heflin. Arlene steals the film as the wife who is twice as ambitious as her husband.



Walter Brennan:  “They’re going to kill you with no hard feelings.”

Spencer Tracy:   “And you’re going to sit there and let ’em do it.”

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    • It is amazing just how much vintage radio is available to listen to.
      I’m working my way through hundreds of episodes of the series called SUSPENSE. Lots of stars featured.
      Thanks for your comment, Tom

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