I discovered a YouTube clip of Gracie Allen singing and dancing with Eleanor Powell in the film HONOLULU. The number is, I think, called “I’m on my way to Honolulu” and ,as one of the 70 plus comments on the site said, “The song gets stuck in your head”.
I kept watching it again and again, it is just so catchy, especially as sung by Gracie. ( The song is by Gus Kahn and Harry Warren.)
The number begins with Gracie and Eleanor sitting side by side on board ship. Gracie is ‘tuning up’ a ukulele and then launches into this wonderful little song in her charming voice.image
Then Eleanor starts tapping her feet and she is persuaded to stand up and start her dance. Eleanor pulls Gracie alongside her and they do a slow tap dance together before Eleanor begins her solo.

Love Gracie’s quote about Eleanor dancing,” She keeps spinning like that all the time and I’m always dizzy!”

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