Faye Emerson

Faye Emerson

HOTEL BERLIN, released in 1945, had a good Warner Brothers cast in this version of Vicki Baum’s book of the same title.
Set in Berlin as the war is coming to an end, the people of Hotel Berlin ( like its predecessor Grand Hotel) are many and varied, from concierge Steve Geray to General Raymond Massey – who has been involved in a plot to kill Hitler.

Helmut Dantine and Peter Lorre have been in a concentration camp and Helmut is hiding in the hotel.
Andrea King is a famous actress whom Massey loves.
Faye Emerson, as the ‘good-time’ girl who finally stands up to the Nazi soldier, Alan Hale (yes, Little John! )
Henry Daniell and George Coulouris also play good parts.

All the ingredients for a top notch film and yet it didn’t work on that level for me. It just wasn’t well enough written and was too slow paced. But a great cast.

Helmut Dantine and  Andrea King

Helmut Dantine and Andrea King

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