Another great scene description by Elwy Yost in his book MAGIC MOMENTS OF THE MOVIES:

William Holden, Eleanor Parker and others are trapped in a small arroyo, or gully,surrounded by Apaches in ESCAPE FROM FORT BRAVO, with seemingly no hope of survival.
What makes for fascinating viewing is the method the Apaches choose to eradicate our intrepid heroes.
Several braves ride up from different directions and plant spears with tassels on the ends of them on all sides of the trapped group. It doesn’t take long for our doomed party to realise that the spears actually form a circle – like a bull’s -eye on a dart board – and only a little longer to determine the reason for this.

Apache archers gather some distance away in a tight band,raise their bows to a particular elevation, and fire. Arrows rise in a high arc-like swarm and descend into the gully where Holden’s party lies huddled. Only a few arrows make their mark,thus the Apaches correct their elevation and send a second swarm of arrows up,over and down into the gully.

The flight of the arrows is effectively captured by the camera, but the sound man must take a salute here for eerie effects of hum and whine that are shattering to the nervous system.”


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  1. Yes, the opening scene is dramatic as William Holden drags back an escaped prisoner , as an example to the other prisoners .
    I liked whole movie.

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