image My thanks to Laura’s Miscellaneous Musings for the information on a great blog devoted to DAN DURYEA. It’s at http.://danduryeacentral.blogspot.com and has everything you would want to know about Mr Duryea.
Lots of great photos and interesting articles about his life and films.
It also has a wonderful 20 minute video tribute to Dan which has been beautifully put together,featuring so many of his films.
You see Dan quiet and slow talking; with a moustache; with Deanna Durbin; with that wide grin of his.
And some great quotes:

“…the nicest heel in Hollywood”

“Don’t say no to me, not when I have a gun in my hand.”

“Where did you stash my cash? ” ( to Lizabeth Scott)

“I shoot people in the back.” ( to Audie Murphy)

” If I weren’t a gentleman…” ( he is about to slap Joan Bennett)

“If I ever started feeling like a human being,I’d shoot myself.” (To Audie Murphy)

Seeing a scene from Winchester 73 reminded me that ‘Waco Johnny Dean’ is one of my favorite of Dan’s roles.

Check out this blog. It’s a winner.

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  1. Thanks for such a nice write-up about my blog. I’ve got lots of Dan Duryea stuff to continue postings, but my sister and I have opened an Etsy store, so I haven’t been very faithful for the past couple of months. I’ll start doing some more over the next month or so, so check back. 🙂 My sister edited the 20-minute video of Dan’s film scenes, and she enjoyed your nice comments. Thanks!

  2. Hi, Vienna! I just ran across your entry here again, so I thought that I’d send a quick note. Take a look at the new posts today (I’ve been working on “Winchester ’73”!) and you’ll see a picture of a little doll that my sister and I made of Dan Duryea. We thought you might enjoy it! 🙂


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