Irene Dunne: “We do not have to go to the Bank.”
(I love I REMEMBER MAMA and this family scene with ‘Mama’ so reassuring that the weekly finances are ok – the family don’t actually have a bank account,but it makes the children feel safer to believe they do.)


The end of DOUBLE INDEMNITY has the wounded Fred MacMurray as Walter Neff ready to tell all to his boss,Edward G.Robinson (as Barton Keys).
“….Let’s take a look at that Dietrickson claim,accident and double indemnity..”


Betty Lawford: “I’d eat a cow if someone took the horns off!” THE DEVIL THUMBS A RIDE.
(I’d never heard of Betty Lawford – she was good in this thriller . Turns out she was Peter Lawford’s cousin.  Couldn’t find a photo of Betty.)


Joan Crawford to Rhys Williams, explaining how she learned that the railroad was coming through the town. She ran into the railroad’s surveyor:
“We exchanged confidences.”
(I love this line and the way Joan delivered it!). JOHHNY GUITAR


Garbo to Melvyn Douglas: “I am only interested in the shortest distance between two points – Must you flirt?” NINOTCHKA
(What a shame Garbo retired so early.)


Mary Boland: “My dear, you’ve got the Reno jumpy-wumpies!” THE WOMEN


Claude Rains:” I am married to an American agent.”
Leopoldine Konstantin: “We are protected by the enormity of your stupidity.”
(That marvellous actress (whose name I am not going to repeat!) was only three years older than Claude Rains when she played his mother in this Hitchcock thriller.) NOTORIOUS.

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  1. Nice choices.
    The Professionals could rate a post all of its own, but here are a few favourites:

    Bill Dolworth: Just wondering… what makes you worth a hundred thousand dollars.
    Maria Grant: Go to hell.
    Bill Dolworth: Yes ma’am. I’m on my way.

    Grant: Your hair was darker.
    Rico: My heart was lighter.

  2. Colin, just watched THE PROFESSIONALS again and enjoyed it. Just one big reservation. Robert Ryan’s role was ridiculously small for such a fine actor. Anybody could have played that role.
    Have you reviewed it on your blog? I couldn’t find it.

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