image. I can’t resist a movie that stars Iris Adrian and Douglas Fowley.
In SHAKE HANDS WITH MURDER , Iris and Frank Jenks run a bail bond business.Douglas Fowley, completely against type,is a businessman wrongly accused of stealing securities from his firm.
The 57 minute little thriller loses steam in the second half, but it is still worth a look just for the lively Iris and the subdued Fowley ( he really was better on the wrong side of the law!)

TWO DOLLAR BETTOR (aka Beginner’s Luck) ,1951
With advertising like, “I BET! I STOLE! I KILLED!”, you might expect a little ‘B’ gem, especially when the advertised stars are Steve Brodie and Marie Windsor.But John Litel , as the family man who becomes hooked
on racetrack betting has the most screen time.
Marie doesn’t appear till about 15 minutes into the film, and Steve Brodie has less than 20 minutes screen time. Very odd.
John is a good supporting actor but this film just seems a terrible waste of Windsor and Brodie (they try to con Litel into betting too much.)

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