image. Over the opening title of this comedy thriller is seen a large ticking clock above a crematorium. The clock has no hands.
Good start but for me,most comedy thrillers don’t work. I like my thrillers straight – dark, dramatic, mysterious.
Chester Morris as a milk drinking, accordion playing private detective is hired to find the son of a ranch owner. He has just come off an assignment,having found a missing girl,Jean Parker, then married her!
Along the way, they try to have a honeymoon and encounter the usual suspects, Astryd Allwyn,Rose Hobart,Dick Purcell,Rod Cameron.
There are murders, car chases and too many scenes in the dark when you don’t know what’s going on due to the poor print.image

I lost interest in the long winded and confusing plot. Poor Jean Parker (looking a lot like Jean Arthur) has to follow her new husband around, trying to help but usually getting in the way.
Another case of an attempt at Nick and Nora Charles but without Powell and Loy and a good script, it doesn’t work.
Having said all that, Morris is likeable and so is Jean, just a pity about the script.
I read that the title ( which, as happens, has nothing much to do with the plot) comes from a saying ,”Death is Timeless”, depicted by the handless clock.

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