Allyn Joslyn and Evelyn Keyes play a husband and wife sleuthing team in DANGEROUS BLONDES.
Of course a murder’s involved,in fact two,one of whom is the one and only Bess Flowers who actually gets a line of dialogue, “Yes, Mr McCormack,I understand perfectly.”
Bess delivers the line then disappears to die off screen as all good extras should.
But Bess is actually a character integral to the plot and it is such a shame she is only in one scene.
Another good actress, Ann Savage is only in a couple of scenes before she ends up dead too.
Some snappy lines between Joslyn and Keyes after he’s been hit on the head by one of the bad guys.
Joslyn:”I’m getting hot on the trail.”
Keyes:”If you don’t watch out,you’ll cool off in the morgue.”

The story’s lightweight but breezily acted by a cast including William Demarest,John Hubbard,Anita Louise,Edmund Lowe and Frank Craven.
Nice to see Allyn Joslyn getting a chance of leading man status and of course Evelyn Keyes is lovely.
Joslyn and Keyes aren’t Nick and Nora but that’s ok.

Bess Flowers

Bess Flowers

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