English actress Flora Robson seemed an odd choice to play the mother of George Raft in 1939’s INVISIBLE STRIPES. George was actually 6 or 7 years older than Flora!


In THE WAY OUT ,Mona Freeman and Michael Goodliffe played brother and sister.Mona’s American accent is explained by the fact her character had been five years in America!

In GUILTY BYSTANDER, Mary Boland steps completely outside her usual bubbly, comedy character to play a Thelma Ritter type owner of a seedy, run down motel. Good for Mary!


Roland Young

Roland Young

Roland Young was invariably cast as a bumbling comic character. But in GIVE ME YOUR HEART, he is the writer friend of Kay Francis and helps her sort out her love life. Definitely not played for laughs and very good too.


Hard to imagine, but the urbane,sophisticated Reginald Gardiner played a cavalry commander in FURY AT FURNACE CREEK!

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  1. Flora Robson certainly doesn’t look old enough to play George Raft’s mother in that still! It’s odd how often actors are chosen to play parents when the age gap is clearly nowhere near big enough, or, as in this one, the ‘mother’ is actually older than the son! One of my favourite examples of odd casting is Claude Rains playing a New York cop in the John Garfield film ‘They Made Me a Criminal’ , where Rains has his usual clipped English voice as he has to deliver lines like ‘I’m a cop, see’ and ‘That was one swell-looking dame’!

  2. Thanks for your comment,Judy.
    What a coincidence, I have They Made Me a Criminal to watch for the first time and had no idea Claude Rains plays a NY cop! Sounds like the Rains casting might come out on top !

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