What a surprise in BOBBY WARE IS MISSING to see NEVILLE BRAND, prince of thugs, as a small town police lieutenant leading the search for two missing boys.
I kept thinking he must be undercover for the mob!
In this little police procedural thriller, when the cops start searching the town for the boys, they pass a cinema which is showing SEVEN ANGRY MEN. Honestly!

The locale where the boys have gone missing is a rock blasting hillside where dynamite is used. At one point one of the workers says,
“Tell the folks at the chicken ranch we’re blasting again. We don’t want to pay for another 600 eggs!”

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  1. Brand was one of the greatest heavies of the classic era, adding lots of menace to so many films. It’s difficult to imagine him playing a hero! I’ll have to keep an eye out for this movie.

    I’ll have to admit I never knew there was a film titled Seven Angry Men, I had to look it up. My first thought on reading that was: what happened to the other five?

  2. Hi Vienna,
    If my memory serves me well BOBBY WARE IS MISSING was the support feature
    (in the UK) to a dreadful Arthur Askey “Western” RAMSBOTTOM RIDES AGAIN.
    “Ramsbottom” is now considered a “lost” movie,probably just as well.
    I remember really enjoying BOBBY WARE at the time and would really like to
    see it again. I do hope Warner Archive own the rights to it.
    The problem is a lot of Allied-Artists product is all over the shop,and Warners no
    longer own the rights.
    There are lots of Allied-Artists films that were produced by one William Broidy
    and I understand Warners do not own the rights.Some of these Broidy epics are
    really interesting films that I would love to see make it to DVD.
    I am thinking about titles like SECURITY RISK,PORT OF HELL,LAS VEGAS SHAKEDOWN
    It looks like your blog seems to champion obscure B movies so I intend to visit
    on a regular basis.
    Sorry,by the way regarding the comments that I made on Tobys blog regarding

    • Great to hear from you, these titles you mentioned sound good.
      A friend has been very kindly lending me a lot of B movies, hence the posts. I love their fast pace – well, you have to be fast paced when the movie only runs about an hour! And every now and then you come across a little gem.
      Regarding our differing views on Saddle The Wind, what I like about several of the blogs I read is that folks are polite and respectful ,and it’s obvious we can’t all like the same films or stars. So don’t give it a second thought ,John and thank you again for visiting.

  3. That’s what made it so unusual – Brand on the right side of the law!
    Even the poster for the film has him brandishing a gun, almost as if he is aiming it at the boy.
    It never occurred to me there actually was a film called SEVEN ANGRY MEN! I thought it was some kind of in- joke! But of course there is and it starred Raymond Massey and Jeffrey Hunter in 1955.
    BOBBY WARE IS MISSING is ok and has a nice twist involving Paul Picerni.

  4. Another Neville Brand film on the missing list is Lesley Selanders
    RETURN FROM THE SEA. This is a romantic drama also starring Jan
    Sterling,and again lets Brand show his “sensitive” side. I have never seen
    the film but would sure like to. Certainly offbeat fare for both Brand and
    A friend has loaned me copies (unofficial) of most of the William Broidy
    Allied-Artists pictures and I must admit I find them rather impressive,though
    none of them seem to exist in decent quality. They are very low budget but have
    a really raw,authentic quality to them.I really enjoyed PORT OF HELL;if you are
    going to make a film about an atomic bomb located in L.A.Harbor
    on a threadbare budget this is the way to do it.
    Dane Clark and Wayne Morris are very good in this little “gem”
    I also enjoyed LAS VEGAS SHAKEDOWN with Dennis O Keefe and Coleen
    Gray and THE BIG TIP OFF with Richard Conte.
    FINGER MAN with Frank Lovejoy,Forrest Tucker and Peggie Castle was very
    good,though I found Frank Lovejoy most unlikable in the lead. I would have
    rather had Richard Conte in Lovejoys part.
    I have liked Lovejoy in other films but not this one.
    Hopefully some of these films will surface in the future.

    • Thanks,John. I love hearing about films completely new to me. Other than The Big Tip Off, I had never heard of these films.
      Would love to see Return From The Sea, just to see Jan Sterling and Neville Brand as a team! Also Finger Man because I like Frank Lovejoy. Sorry to hear you were disappointed in his performance.
      Las Vegas Shakedown has a good cast.
      I liked The Big Tip Off. Richard Conte gives his usual good performance as a reporter getting tips from gangster Bruce Bennett.
      As you say, hopefully these films will surface.

  5. I hope I can figure out the line-breaks Vienna,thanks for putting up with this at the moment
    I did not feel Lovejoy gave a bad performance in FINGER MAN;I just felt that he was
    over-doing his “hard man” routine a bit too much. Having said that he was playing
    an ex-mobster now helping the police. Forrest Tucker is very good in this film,he
    steals the picture IMHO.
    It is a very tough little “Noir”and well worth checking out.
    I really liked THE BIG TIP OFF a most interesting cast too.
    Its a pity the Warner Archive do not hold the rights to these films;they would be ideal
    for their new Noir imprint.

  6. Yep, Forrest Tucker is always a good tough guy. Would like to see Forrest and Stephen McNally slugging it out! Wonder if they ever appeared in same picture.

  7. They sure SHOULD have appeared in the same film,
    though I cannot think of one.
    I posted a question on the Warner Archive Facebook page to
    see if they held the rights to two more obscure Allied Artists pictures
    starring McNally and another favorite of mine Coleen Gray;
    Sadly Warners replied saying they do not hold the rights to
    these two but they are going to release ARROW IN THE DUST in
    widescreen sometime in the future. AITD stars Sterling Hayden
    and Coleen and its a goodie.
    I recently saw HELLS CROSSROADS with McNally and a very young
    Robert Vaughn and enjoyed it very much,low budget but very good.

    • That’s a shame about Warners Archive.
      That’s two more titles new to me – JOHNNY ROCCO and HELL’S FIVE HOURS.
      Good news about ARROW IN THE DUST.

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