June Havoc

June Havoc

Cesar Romero

Cesar Romero

Produced and directed by W.LEE WILDER ( the lesser known brother of Billy Wilder),ONCE A THIEF had advertising that included:
The plot could be described in one sentence – JUNE HAVOC’S downfall at the hands of CESAR ROMERO. But there’s a lot going on in this melodrama and I found it quite difficult condensing the story into a few lines.

The story is told in flashback after the opening scene of June Havoc entering the Los Angeles Sheriff’s dept.and handing herself in for murder.
June has lost her job and is getting desperate. In a diner, IRIS ADRIAN gets talking to her and says:” So you’re hanging on by your eyelashes – a pretty gadget like you. You’ve got nothing to worry about. just stick around me.”
That meeting for June is fatal. She joins shoplifter Iris in several robberies in jewellery shops but eventually it’s all too much for her and she leaves Iris and finds some luck, working as a waitress in a cafe where she is happy for the next year.

Then fate steps in again and she gets entangled with CESAR ROMERO who is soon borrowing money from her and promising marriage.
When he threatens to leave, she joins Iris in one last robbery but they both get caught.
In the voice- over, June says:
” So instead of a wedding ring on my finger,I wound up with an handcuff on my wrist.”

Eventually, with Iris’s help, she escapes from prison and comes after Cesar who has been romancing her friend, Marie McDonald.
Cesar’s character is breathtaking in his total disregard for anyone except himself. Even his friend LON CHANEY finally gives up on him.

ONCE A THIEF was another independent production which didn’t have the luxury of a studio back lot, so we got some fascinating Los Angeles shots.
It was interesting to see MARTA MITROVICH ( who was memorable in THE UNFAITHFUL), playing a former girlfriend of Cesar’s . When he brushes her off casually, he says:
“You could drop dead for all I care.”
The girl later kills herself.
I didn’t recognise MARIE(THE BODY) MCDONALD. She gives a quiet,confident performance as June’s friend who is also taken in by Romero.
Iris ADRIAN is good as always. I love one line she delivers when June thinks Iris has turned her in to the police:
“Me squawk?! ”
CESAR ROMERO, in another role far removed from his usual light roles at Fox ,is convincing as the no good who ruins lives without a thought.
JUNE HAVOC makes the most of a starring role and although I like her,she never seemed the type who could be led into a life of crime,or be taken in by the Romero character.
From what I’ve seen of June ( GENTLEMAN’S AGREEMENT,INTRIGUE,STORY OF MOLLY X, HELLO FRISCO HELLO), she is multi-talented and Hollywood should have used her more, especially in musicals as she was a good singer and dancer. And she was a natural in drama and comedy.In fact an all-rounder.
Interesting too that she had a small part in MY SISTER EILEEN with Rosalind Russell who went on to play June’s real life mother in GYPSY.
I’d also like to see June in a 1952 film,LADY POSSESSED with James Mason.

I liked ONCE A THIEF a lot. The advertising I mentioned doesn’t do it justice. It’s well written and the story contains a lot more than my brief summary. If you get the chance, it’s worth a look.



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  1. Never seen this, never even heard of it to tell the truth. It sounds interesting though, and I always found Romero quite watchable.
    I haven’t seen June Havoc in a lot of movies – The Iron Curtain springs to mind though – but I find it hard to imagine her playing the kind of role you describe here. She seemed too tough and independent.

  2. I love the fact that there are so many films waiting to be discovered and written about. I had never heard of The Iron Curtain, so thanks, Colin.
    And yes,maybe June Havoc wasn’t the right casting for Once A Thief, but it’s just good to see her in a starring role.

  3. Hi, and thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving comments on several old posts. I’m especially delighted to meet another Robert Ryan fan. I adore that man, and it’s always nice to discover that someone else appreciates him too.

    You have a very nice blog!

    • Hi,Patti. I enjoyed looking at a lot of your postings and will check in again. Glad we share an admiration for Mr Ryan.

  4. ONCE A THIEF is a totally new film to me.
    Some of these low budget gems are well worth tracking
    down.I only know W Lee Wilder from several very low budget
    horror films that he made in the Fifties.
    This sounds like one of his best pictures.
    Romero was doing lots of B pictures in the early Fifties for
    the likes of Lippert and pre-horror Hammer.
    Thanks,Vienna for bringing this film to my attention.

    • THere are two other Lee Wilder films I like, GLASS ALIBI and THE VICIOUS CIRCLE. Looking him up on IMDB, his career didnt last long and he seems to have mainly made Shorts.

  5. I just discovered “Once A Thief” on Turner Classic Movies. What a gem of a C Movie! Like many out here I had never heard of it. I`ll have to search out more of Lee Wilder’s films.

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