As a long time IRENE DUNNE fan,it’s been great to find a site totally devoted to all things Irene.
Look no further for a detailed history of Irene’s stage, film,radio and TV careers, with lots of stunning photos too.

In a fascinating interview in 1974 with columnist Jim Bawden, Irene gave honest and interesting answers about her career. – how she nearly did NOW VOYAGER and LADY IN THE DARK. And how she was wanted for FOLLOW THE FLEET as a follow up to the very successful ROBERTA. But Irene left RKO and took Ronald Colman’s advice to take short term,non- exclusive contracts.
And Garbo was first choice for I REMEMBER MAMA.

A great site and tribute to this wonderful actress .


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  1. Yes, I noticed that 7am screening of MY FAVORITE WIFE. Good to know the BBC gave that screening time careful thought – it’s as if they think no one will be interested.

    • Yeah, you’re right, but, well, at least they are showing it, I suppose. I see the Sky Classics channel is closing down next Thursday, so there will be fewer older movies on TV for us in the UK. 😦

      • If only we had the wonderful TCM channel they have across the Atlantic. The British TCM doesn’t bear any resemblance.

      • I know! I sometimes try to avoid threads on US movie blogs gloating over all the amazing goodies coming up on their TCM, while ours has hardly anything and constant ads in the few good movies it does get round to showing!

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