Cesar Romero. Tala Birell

In fact, it’s CESAR ROMERO who’s dangerous in this Universal film. He’s a thief who thinks the lovely TALA BIRELL is one too. But Tala is actually a private detective trying to recover bonds that Cesar has stolen.
He falls for her and even when he finds out who she is, he can’t bring himself to get rid of her.
He takes off in a plane with Tala,piloted by his driver,WARREN HYMER who just happens to be a pilot too! The plane crashes and cue rescue by doctor WALTER PIDGEON and backwoodsman WALTER BRENNAN.

Walter ( Pidgeon that is) also falls for Tala who tells him what’s going on.Cesar,who has turned from a smart con man into a man obsessed  would rather see Tala dead than with Walter.
Neat twist at the end.

Funny to see Walter Pidgeon in a relatively small part – his films with Greer Garson still to come.
I like seeing Cesar in dramas. I wondered what happened to the lovely Tala.

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  1. Never heard of this one Vienna,many thanks for
    making me aware of it;sounds most interesting.
    Do not know Tala Birell either,checking on imdb
    I see that she had some great B Movie credits.
    A Cesar Romero film I caught up with recently was
    SHOW THEM NO MERCY! which has him playing a darker
    character than we are used to.He plays a nasty gangster/kidnapper
    along with Bruce Cabot who we are more used to in nasty roles.
    There is a most unexpected climax to this film,which is pretty tense
    throughout its entire running time.

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