If ever I need to check anything about my favorite westerner,I generally go to this book,THE FILMS OF RANDOLPH SCOTT by Robert Nott,published in 2004.

It is a fine book and shows a ton of research. There are lots of great interviews and quotes by Scott’s co-workers.
However, having a browse through it recently, I noticed one or two things to comment on.
In THE BOUNTY HUNTER review, MARIE WINDSOR doesn’t get a mention, even though her character is very material to the plot.

Randolph Scott, Howard Petrie, Marie Windsor

Randolph Scott, Howard Petrie, Marie Windsor

In the LAWLESS STREET review,the author writes,“ANGELA LANSBURY plays a dance hall girl who has enjoyed a romantic relationship with Scott in the past.”
I doubt Angela’s character would have described herself as a ‘dance hall girl'” And their relationship is man and wife.image

PATRICIA NEAL apparently went on suspension rather than do SUGARFOOT.Personally, I liked ADELE JERGENS and the formal way of speaking in this film.

Adele JERGENS, Randolph Scott,Raymond Massey

Adele JERGENS, Randolph Scott,Raymond Massey

I had to laugh at director ANDRE DETOTH’s quote about Scott: ““Scott was a nice,brittle old gentleman! “

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  1. Thought about getting this book in the past but somehow never got round to it. Given that Scott is easily my favourite western star, I really ought to pick this up.
    I have to say though that I find it quite odd that Marie Windsor is ignored for her role in The Bounty Hunter.

  2. I like this book a lot. Much better than the 1989 RANDOLPH SCOTT:THE GENTLEMAN FROM VIRGINIA ( though this 1989 book has a lot of great photos)
    Dolores Dorn gets a mention in THE BOUNTY HUNTER review, but not a word about Marie Windsor.

  3. Never knew this book existed Vienna,although I do
    have Notts other book LAST OF THE COWBOY HEROES.
    This one however does seem to be essential and thanks
    for bringing it to my attention.
    The Warner Archive are said to be working on a remastered
    version of THE BOUNTY HUNTER,I also wish that they would
    get a move on and release SUGARFOOT.

  4. Funny you posted on this, I just returned my father’s copy to him! I liked the way that anecdotes by other cast members were integrated into the comments on each film. Fortunately since a number of the actresses were younger they were still available on comment at the time the book was written. Definitely a must book for a Randolph Scott fan.

    Best wishes,

  5. Thanks,Laura. That is a coincidence! And,yes, definitely a must read for Scott fans. And I agree we are fortunate so many of Randolph’s coworkers gave such interesting comment.

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