In MEXICAN MANHUNT George Brent plays a crime novelist who has persisted for 15 years in trying to find a crime reporter,Morris Ankrum who disappeared after being called to testify in a murder case.
Now Ankrum has got in touch with him from Mexico where he has been living with his daughter,Karen Sharpe.
Brent tells his girlfriend, Marjorie Lord
that he is going to Mexico to bring Ankrum back as he has changed his mind about testifying.

The next 70 minutes are taken up by Brent,Ankrum and Sharpe trying to escape from the bad guys, led by Hillary Brooke as they try to get back to Los Angeles.
It’s quite well plotted. It’s nice to see veteran Morris Ankrum in a decent role, and young Karen Sharpe showed promise.i’m always happy to see Hillary Brooke though I wish she had been on the right side of the law oftener.
George Brent had come a long way from his Warners years and he didn’t age all that well, but I’m a fan, so always glad to see him!

George Brent

George Brent

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  1. I was really amazed how Brents career declined
    by the late Forties.
    In the film CHRISTMAS EVE (1947) Brent and
    George Raft are billed above Randolph Scott.
    After that Scotts career would soar (he was
    one of the top ten money making Hollywood
    stars for four years 1950-1953) while the
    two Georges careers declined.
    By the early Fifties the only leading roles
    the Georges got were in B films,a long way
    from the sort of films they made a decade

  2. A pity for both of them .
    Randolph Scott certainly found his niche, as did Joel McRea.Maybe Brent and Raft weren’t so well guided in their later careers.

  3. Like many Hollywood stars who had fading careers
    (Richard Arlen,Wayne Morris,Kent Taylor,Pat O Brien)
    George Brent came over to England to make a B movie.
    Actually,THE LAST PAGE is a pretty decent little
    thriller and also features a very young Diana Dors.

  4. Yes, I’ve seen FBI Girl. Brent and Romero can’t go wrong though I recall being disappointed in this one. Haven’t seen it for a while.

  5. I agree that THE LAST PAGE is one of the best in Brent’s last batch of films. I am currently writing a biography on Brent and would like to get a copy of MEXICAN MANHUNT (one of the very few I’m missing). Any suggestions? Thanks

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