GEORGE BRENT (FBI) and BASIL RATHBONE (Scotland Yard) follow international spy ILONA MASSEY from London to Lisbon to New York, trying to track down the head spy and discover the codes being sent to the enemy through radio messages .

The sabotage ring headed by GENE LOCKHART ( whose cover is as a candy manufacturer!) is bringing down planes being sent to Britain to help the war effort..GEORGE ZUCCO and MARTIN KOSLECK are part of the ring.

There is nice banter between Brent and Rathbone whenever they can’t understand each other’s jargon.
At one point George says to Basil,”…the Chief will give you the double O.” Basil says “What?”
George replies, “The once over.” Basil again says “What?” And George says, “Oh, skip it. I’ll write you a letter!”
(George calls Basil ‘Sherlock’!)

The film has plenty of action but is too long at 1hr 40 mins.Too much time is spent in deciphering the music code played and sung by the lovely Ilona Massey. ILONA wears a succession of beautiful gowns, in keeping I suppose with her cover as an international concert singer. The two songs she sang were truly tuneless.

“International Lady” was directed by Tim WHELAN and well produced by EDWARD SMALL PRODUCTIONS.

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  1. You have a real knack for racking down obscurities! Still, something sounds vaguely familiar about this one – I may have seen it or at least snippets of it at some time in the dim and distant past.

    • I don’t suppose this is available on DVD anywhere? I’m intrigued and would love to check if I have actually seen it.

  2. Just checked on Amazon USA;the asking price
    for the VHS (1998) of this film is $50.
    Rathbone makes any film worth a look,and the teaming
    with George Brent sounds inspired to say the least.
    Another Basil oddity from 1941 that I would love to
    track down is PARIS CALLING which also stars
    Randolph Scott.

  3. PARIS CALLING looks good – cast includes Gale Sondergaard and Lee J Cobb. Not sure about Elizabeth Bergner as a leading lady. Don’t think I’ve seen her in anything.

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