Another story of strangers coming together to battle to safety. In THUNDER PASS, the Kiowa and Commanche Indians are joining up,as empty promises from Washington put them on the warpath.
A cavalry patrol led by DANE CLARK and his scout,ANDY DEVINE have 48 hours to gather up a small band of settlers and get them through Thunder Pass which is taboo to the Indians.

There are two prospectors,RAYMOND BURR and RAYMOND HATTON who don’t want to leave their mine. Dane says,“You can’t spend your money with an arrow in your back.”
NESTOR PAIVA is a travelling salesman, DOROTHY PATRICK is on her own after her father was killed.
There’s a family,father,mother and daughter and then there is JOHN CARRADINE who tells Dorothy Patrick to keep quiet about the fact they know each other.
And lastly, an injured,unconscious man who might be a gun runner, or an emissary from Washington.

I liked this western from Lippert Productions directed by Frank McDonald.It was interesting to see Andy Devine in a serious role,totally different from his usual jovial persona.
Dane Clark led the cast well.

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  1. Great poster Vienna,I must say that I prefer the
    poster to the film.
    A Dane Clark Western that I really did enjoy was
    FORT DEFIANCE where he is teamed with Ben Johnson
    and Peter Graves.
    Frank McDonald was a real B director,though he did make
    one Western that I really liked,SON OF BELLE STARR with
    Keith Larsen,Peggie Castle and the mysterious Dona Drake.
    From a personal point of view,I feel that a little Andy Devine
    goes a long way though I did enjoy seeing him play the heavy
    (in both senses of the word) in THE MICHIGAN KID.

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