I enjoyed watching GREER GARSON as the mystery guest on a 1958 edition of WHAT’S MY LINE. (Available to view on YouTube.)
Greer was at the time appearing on Broadway in AUNTIE MAME and was outfitted as the character, with a long cigarette holder – Greer puffed away throughout her appearance.
She put on a wonderful deep,foreign accent and the panelists ( including ORSON WELLES) weren’t sure whether the guest was a man or woman!
And they never did identify her!

Greer took over from ROSALIND RUSSELL in “Auntie Mame” and appeared successfully for 6 months.

I love this picture of Greer from RANDOM HARVEST.


'She is ma daisy!'

‘She is ma daisy!’

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  1. I love watching those episodes of “What’s My Line.” I have not seen this one, though. How funny that they didn’t identify her. I don’t recall watching one where they did not figure it out.

    “Random Harvest” is my favorite Greer film. I usually watch it around Valentine’s Day every year…and I always cry. LOVE it!

  2. I too love Random Harvest and have watched it many times.
    I often think that when it was first released, audiences must have been amazed to see the usually demure Greer do that fantastic Harry Lauder song.
    It is one of my favorite scenes ever.
    I love your blog and am still catching up with all your posts.
    Check out Patti at classicmoviesnippets blogspot

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