In 1990, I was at the Gershwin Theatre in New York for a performance of Meet Me In St.Louis in which Betty Garrett played the part of Katie the maid (played by Marjorie Main in the movie).

Not a big part,but Betty got a number of her own, “A Touch of the Irish”, which of course she did so well.

What a thrill it was to see Betty in person , and to be invited back stage to her dressing room. So down to earth and friendly, Betty had a photo of her late husband Larry Parks displayed on her dressing table mirror, and a picture of one of her sons – she pointed out how alike her son was to Larry.
She couldn’t have been nicer.
A lovely memory.

Frank Sinatra Betty Garrett

Frank Sinatra Betty Garrett (“Come up to my place!”)

Jack Lemmon,,Betty Garrett,Janet Leigh

Jack Lemmon,,Betty Garrett,Janet Leigh (My Sister Eileen)


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  1. Wish I’d taken pics!
    I love Betty in My Sister Eileen – so nice to see her in a starring role. My favorite number in that film is “Give me a band and my baby”.
    A pity she and Larry didn’t do a film together.

    • Don’t you hate when that happens but at least you have that wonderful memory.

      I love ‘My Sister Eileen’, it’s the first Betty Garrett film I saw and she is wonderful in it – I consequently fell in love with Jack Lemmon from this film as well. ‘Give me a band and my baby’ is my fav number too, I used to perform it with my sister for my family.

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