“Making a movie is a vocation. it is absolutely no work at all…it is much easier than the theatre.”

“A man wants to play Hamlet, a woman wants to play Joan Of Arc.

” I knew the book by heart.” (on For Whom The Bell Tolls.)

“Hitchcock used to be wonderful because he used to listen to all my arguments and he’d say ‘I get your point but do exactly what I told you to do, and fake it!’

“In Notorious, Hitchcock was very clever,inventive with the love scene….a kiss couldn’t last more than two seconds,you had to break…not one kiss was longer than 2 seconds, but there were so many of them! That became a very famous love scene.”


“The script (Casablanca) was written as we went along, and to tell you the truth,no one knew how to end it…either I should go with the husband on the plane (Paul Henreid),or stay on the ground with Humphrey Bogart.
I really didn’t know which of the two men I was in love with!”

“Humphrey Bogart had that marvellous voice – an interesting and rough voice.”

(On arrival in Hollywood). “I don’t know where I got my determination and strength from, I was so young and I wanted so much to try my wings.
Immediately I was considered too tall and they were going to do something to my face and my teeth,change my eyebrows and change my name. I got terribly frightened and wanted to go back (home). So I refused and refused and refused. They accepted it”.



( On her exile from Hollywood):

“It was my private life.People who judged and wrote and wanted me to be forever excluded from America – they didn’t know what they were talking about. They didn’t know me. They didn’t know what had happened.
The only judge that I had was my own conscience. I don’t say that I approve of my behaviour – just that people are so ready to judge without knowing the background.”

For Whom The Bell Tolls

For Whom The Bell Tolls

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