From a 1986 TV interview:

“…My Broadway debut was with the wonderful Gladys Cooper in a play by Emlyn Williams called ‘The Morning Star’.”

“My first film director,Jacques Tourneur, (Days of Glory,1944) kept saying to me,Greg,can just just common up your speech a little bit…because you sound like a stage actor!”

“Louis B.Mayer wanted me to sign a seven year contract. I said no, and much to my amazement ,enormous tears formed in his eyes – he became red in the face,tears rolled down his cheeks…!”

“I think it was my agent’s (Leland Hayward) masterplan to put me opposite several outstanding ladies – Greer Garson and Ingrid Bergman.”  (Valley of Decision and Spellbound)



” I had done a good deal of comedy in the theatre,even some farce, so I jumped at the opportunity to play Roman Holiday – the most fun I’ve ever had was working on that film.”
“The contract had been drawn up as Gregory Peck in Roman Holiday, And introducing Audrey Hepburn. I called my agent – her name must be above the title with mine – it would look foolish any other way.”

image“I always felt that everytime someone sent me a comedy script,Cary Grant had seen it first and turned it down.!”

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  1. Gregory Peck was a fine actor. To me his finest performance was as the humble priest, Father Chisholm in The Keys Of The Kingdom.

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