Vincent Sherman

Vincent Sherman

The Return of Doctor X was director Vincent Sherman’s first job and the following are some of his comments on Humphrey Bogart:
“I had Bogart in The Return of Doctor X and Warner said to me, ‘Well,I’m gonna give you this guy Bogart and see if you can get him to do something besides Duke Mantee!”
“In those days,Bogart was considered just a good villain – a heavy….for 5 or 6 years,Bogie just did one villain after another – he must have been shot 50 times and died 50 times!”
“The truth was nobody ever thought of him as a leading man… was a long tough road for him before he finally made it.”

“Bogie got his first break in an ‘A’ picture when George Raft and Muni turned down High Sierra. Then John Huston got his first picture,The Maltese Falcon and he got Bogie for that.And then I had All Through the Night,and Bogie played the lead.”
“He was a hard working ,professional actor.”

(Vincent Sherman directed Mr Skeffington, Old Acquaintance,Affair in Trinidad,Nora Prentice, The Damned Don’t Cry)


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  1. Thanks for this post! I’m a big fan of Sherman’s Bogart works – both X and All Through – as I think he had such a great tongue-in-cheek angle on two well worn genres (horror and gangster crime films).

    I’ve been slowly working on a post about Sherman for a section of my blog about regular Bogart collaborators, and I’m curious as to where you got the Sherman quote.

    Both films, despite their occasional goofy problems and somewhat lackluster scripts, are directed extremely well, and Sherman had a great eye for blocking scenes. So glad to see him mentioned here!


  2. Nice post, Vienna! As a big Bogart fan (for many, many years my number one favorite actor, only recently and gradually replaced by John Wayne), I always love hearing anecdotes about him from those he worked with. Glad Sherman seemed to respect him. I have to turn in my Bogart fan merit badge, however, as I’ve not seen either of Sherman’s films featuring Bogie. I hope to remedy that someday (always have meant to catch up with ALL THROUGH THE NIGHT.)

  3. Oh, do keep your Bogart merit badge! I haven’t seen that Dr X film – Bogie looks awful in pictures I’ve seen from this film, but All Through The Night is worth seeing.

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