I’ve always enjoyed this MGM sea-faring adventure set in 1857,about two brothers and the girl they both love.  Robert Taylor and Stewart Granger play the brothers and the lovely Ann Blyth is the girl.

Ann (as Priscilla) marries Robert’s character (Joel) but is still intrigued with the older brother Mark (Stewart Granger)  who seems more exciting than his rather staid brother who is captain of a whaling ship.

As Mark says to Joel.,”There’s no wildness in you Joel,there is in me.”

Mark is always goading and making fun of his brother and when Joel refuses to go after a fortune in pearls Mark has discovered, Priscilla begins to think her husband is afraid.


Priscilla cant understand why Joel wont go after the pearls. He tries to explain to the ship’s crew, “These pearls cost lives.If we had them on board,more of us would die because nobody would be content with their share.”

The crew threaten mutiny and an upset Priscilla says to Mark,”He’s not even master of his ship any more.” Mark replies,”He’s not even master of you.” Joel sees them as Mark kisses Priscilla.


Mark and some of the crew take Joel prisoner. Priscilla finally comes to her senses and sees Mark for what he is. She says to him, “I’ve learned a lot in the last few hours. You had me blinded for a little while,but I’m not blind any more – you had my whole world turned upside down but it’s righted itself and when it did, you fell off.I only hope Joel will forgive me for failing him the way I did.”

The heroic Joel triumphs and Mark is killed while fighting alongside Joel. The final scene has Joel recording the mutiny and Mark’s part in it in the ship’s log. His family has always ended their log entries with the phrase, “All The Brothers Were Valiant” and as he does the same, Priscilla underlines the word ‘All’.

Ann has a good role in this movie, Stewart Granger is good as the charismatic brother  ,(though he hardly looks older than Robert Taylor) . Poor Robert does what he can with a not very interesting character.A good supporting cast includes Keenan Wynn,James Whitmore, Betta St John, Kurt Kasznar, John Lupton,Peter Whitney.


This post is part of the TCM Summer under The Stars Blogathon which lasts the whole month of August and features a different star every day.  Check here for all the posts.


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  2. Thank you.
    It is a good adventure story and there are more plot threads than I mentioned – a flashback involving Stewart Granger.

  3. This is one that I have never heard of before. That is the great thing about this blogathon: getting recommendations from your fellow bloggers on these wonderful little hidden gems! I will definitely have to check this one out. It sounds very interesting.

    Thanks so much for contributing to the blogathon. I am so sorry it has taken me a bit to get over here and comment. There are so many contributions to read! Not a bad problem to have.

    Thanks again!

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