Watching this wonderful TV interview from 1985, Greer Garson proved to be an excellent raconteur, and talked about events of 40 years earlier as if it were yesterday! She was full of enthusiasm, speaking from her Texas ranch to Canadian writer Elwy Yost. (The interview is on You Tube). Mr Yost proved to be a very good interviewer,knowing his subject and asking the right questions .

Here are some of Greer’s observations:

image         “Walter Pidgeon was a darling man. A solid gold gentleman. We made 7 films together and we never had an insecure thought about each other. It was the most wonderful partnership,wonderful friendship.”

   “We all felt we were part of a rather special picture (Mrs Miniver)…..the cameraman was one of the great artists of Hollywood – Joseph Ruttenberg, the Rembrandt of the camera.”

  “Errol Flynn was great fun to work with – we found we had so much in common…..we played practical jokes on one another. It’s a wonder the film (That Forsyte woman) ever got finished!”

image           “Nobody taught me the Harry Lauder accent (Random Harvest)….Apparently Harry Lauder himself was delighted – this wee lassie does me in a picture and she does an impression of me better than I do myself!” 

(Greer ,without thinking about it, put on her Scottish accent as she said this.)

image    And Greer said of her Oscar acceptance speech, “Not  quite  5 minutes.”, she added that she was working on Madame Curie that day.



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