If you could only keep 5 discs from your DVD collection, which films couldn’t you live without?!  And why?

i looked through my collection and picked 5 which I’ve enjoyed many times – all are escapist, and all lift my spirits when I watch them.
Of course there are many more, but the following are five I never tire of.
If anyone else wants to take part, please do.


There had to be at least one Randolph Scott and Seven Men From Now is my most recent discovery of Scott films. In this one he is up against one of the screen’s best villains, Lee Marvin and he has the lovely Gail Russell as his co-star.
I like so many Scott westerns and my choice came down to two – Hangman’s Knot being the other one. But I settled on Seven Men From Now because it has two of my favorite scenes in any film – the scene in the wagon where Marvin taunts Scott about his attraction to Gail Russell whose husband is there too.
And the final shoot out between Scott and Marvin. The look of surprise on Marvin’s face is something to behold.


I love the camaraderie of the characters in The Thing (a Howard Hawks trademark). A rare starring role for Kenneth Tobey who leads the team threatened by the being from another world.

Above picture shows Tobey about to push the lever and electrocute The Thing (played by James Arness).


Armored Car Robbery is a  compact story of a robbery masterminded by William Talman,and the pursuit of Talman by detective Charles McGraw. A perfect ‘B’.


Rio Bravo is a western that takes its time. A great set of characters led by John Wayne, Dean Martin and Walter Brennan. Another Hawks example of a group of likeable people whom you care about. You enjoy their company.


Kiss Me Deadly may be one of the last great Noirs and Ralph Meeker is perfect casting as private eye,Mike Hammer. The above picture is from the very start of the film when Cloris Leachman flags down Hammer’s car and his first comment is, “You almost wrecked my car. Well? Get in.”



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  1. Interesting question, and an extremely tough one.
    I think I’d maybe pick SEVEN MEN FROM NOW too, either that or THE TALL T.

    I’d also have to have the 1957 version of 3:10 TO YUMA, if only for the Glenn Ford/Felicia Farr scene.

    Something by Anthony Mann would be another must, probably THE NAKED SPUR.

    It can’t be all westerns of course so I’ll add in Robert Siodmak’s version of THE KILLERS.

    And just to have something totally different, Capra’s dreamy and life-affirming LOST HORIZON.

  2. Thanks,Colin.
    Love 3.10 To Yuma and Naked Spur.
    I guess most of my favorite films are westerns. I could add Bend of the River and Johnny Guitar.
    Sorry, I did set a limit of 5!

  3. I haven’t seen a single one of your five “gotta have them” films. Another blogger wrote about “Armored Car Robbery” a few weeks ago, and I was intrigued then. I’m even more intrigued now. Guess I better track that one down. “Kiss Me Deadly” also sounds like one I would like.

    I’m with Colin…I’d be struggling to limit myself to 50….5 is nigh on impossible.

    But one would definitely be A Place in the Sun. It’s my favorite movie of all-time, and I think Montgomery Clift is so all-fire gorgeous in that film (and all his pre-accident films). I’d have to have it just to gaze upon that beautiful face!

    Also, “Mr. Deeds Goes to Town (for laughs and for Gary Cooper’s handsomeness), “The Glenn Miller Story” (for the music), “Now, Voyager” (for Bette Davis, the romance, and the beautiful score), and, “Picnic” (for William Holden, Kim Novak’s beautiful dresses, and the sensual dance scene between them).

    Not having an Audie Murphy Western, or a Robert Ryan noir, or a Fredric March drama in this list is just wrong. I’d have to bring along at least 8 films. Good thing no one is really limiting me to 5.

  4. Tough decision Vienna, but I’ll have a go.

    ‘My Sister Eileen’ for fun, music, great dancing and Jack Lemmon. ‘Run For The Sun’ for Richard Widmark, mystery, danger and exotic locals. Like Patti I couldn’t go past ‘Npw Voyager’ just because it’s perfect and it’s Bette Davis. ‘To Catch A Thief’ for Cary Grant, Grace Kelly and Hitchcock. ‘The More The Merrier’ it’s fun, sweet and sensual and it’s Jean Arthur, Joel McCrea and Charles Coburn.

  5. A great idea Vienna;my five are as follows but really
    there are so many films that I could not live without;
    anyway here goes.
    In no particular order,I might add:


    BTW a couple of the above are Britflicks….is this allowed?
    OMG! No Ford,no Hitchcock,no Boetticher,no WINCHESTER 73
    if I had more time to think about it perhaps my five would be
    totally different,but hey its a bit of fun,thanks for asking us for our

  6. “The Boy Friend” Ken Russell’s over the top musical – one of my guilty pleasures.
    “The Lady Vanishes” the Hitchcock version, natch!
    “The Ladykillers” Ealing at its peak.
    “North By Northwest” another Hitchcock – but made so much better by the Bernard Herrmann music score.
    “Metropolis” got to have a Fritz Lang in there somewhere!

  7. Great subject Vienna, wow only five? That’s really tough.

    I guess I would choose the following:

    Tomorrow Is Forever because it is a really touching film and the title just says it all.

    The Keys Of The Kingdom because Gregory Peck’s character, Father Francis has taught me to try and always be humble in life.

    Pride Of The Marines because no matter how many times I see it, I never fail to shed a tear at the end.

    The Man Who Came To Dinner because I think it is the perfect comedy.

    Stalag 17 because it is serious and it is funny and I always wondered about what Animal said in the end about Sefton (Holden) ” I wonder if he just wanted to steal our wire cutters. ?” :).

    Five films is just not enough, I would love to hear everybody’s top 25. Mine is forever changing but the five I mentioned never seem to leave my top ten list no matter what.

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