Kay Francis,once a big star at Warner Bros, ended her career at that studio in a minor ‘B’ movie,Women in the Wind.

In this, Kay plays a flier trying to help her disabled brother with his medical expenses by entering a women’s air derby. William Gargan is the air ace who falls for her,but there are problems in the shape of Gargan’s ex-wife, Sheila Bromley who wants to win the race too.

it’s always a pleasure to see Eve Arden,also playing a flier who befriends Kay, though I missed some wisecracks from Eve. it was unusual to see Eve looking up at another woman – Kay Francis was 5′ 9” .

Eddie Foy Jr. played an unlikely air ace. ( I hadn’t realised that one of Eddie’s brothers was Bryan Foy who did a fine job at the head of Warners ‘B’ film unit.)

I don’t recall seeing Sheila Bromley before but she did well as the scheming ex-wife.A very young looking Frank Faylen plays a mechanic willing to ‘fix’ Kay’s plane so she will lose the race.

Victor Jory has a small part as a doctor looking after Kay’s brother. He has a crush on Kay but realises she has eyes only for Gargan.

I don’t know why Warners let Kay go, or why another studio didn’t snap her up ( as happened to Joan Crawford after she left MGM). Kay would have done well with an MGM contract in the 40’s but it wasn’t to be and she continued in ‘B’s.

At least her next film provided a good role – Cary Grant’s wife in In Name Only.

Kay Francis,Sheila Bromley

Kay Francis,Sheila Bromley


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  1. Interesting question… I’ve seen films with Myrna Loy, Dorothy Mackaill and June Travis flying. (Wings in the Dark, Love Affair and Ceiling Zero respectively.) Oh yes, and there is also ‘The Ship of Lost Men’, a silent where Marlene Dietrich plays a pilot but is only seen flying for a second or so before she crashes into the water!

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