FILM WEEKLY. 28/5/38

imageFilm Weekly was an English magazine which was published in large format until 1939 when it merged with Picturegoer magazine.

I recently read an issue from 1938 and found it very interesting. With Frances Dee on the cover (from Wells Fargo), I was impressed with the contents:

…..The Editorial noted the annoyance of title changes,taking as an example Walter Wanger’s Blockade starring Henry Fonda and Madeleine Carroll. It began as Castles in Spain,then The River Is Blue,then The Adventuress and The Rising Tide.

‘The Hollywood principle seems to be “Think of a title,double it,multiply the result by 4 and extract the title your first thought of!”

……A look at Hollywood producers, Thalberg,Selznick,Goldwyn.

……A two page interview with Leslie Howard who was planning to make a film on the subject of Lord Nelson.

……The early career of Frank Capra.

Henry Fonda,Madeleine Carroll

Henry Fonda,Madeleine Carroll

……In an article about Sing You Singers – “Watch out for Donald O’Connor. He’s young but reports say he’s a child actor you’ll want to see again.”

Donald O'Connor

Donald O’Connor

…..In the Letters Column,an interesting comment for 1938:
“Continous performances are the rule these days. For the casual filmgoer this system is ideal,but for the more serious filmgoer,continous programmes are a trial.It is impossible to see a film straight through without interruption – someone comes in or goes out at a critical moment.”
……Lots of film reviews and full page photos of Mickey Rooney and Alan Mowbray.


…..An ad for the Classic chain of cinemas shows their locations in London (and one in Portsmouth). I didn’t recognise the title,Passport to Fame – it’s The Whole Town’s Talking. Most of their programming is revivals, from 1931’s Private Lives to 1936’s A Message to Garcia (No mention of Barbara Stanwyck in the billing!)

All the ads in the magazine were aimed at women – lipstick,nail varnish,shampoo, dresses. My favourite was
“Inner Cleanliness Comes First! Be regular with Andrews Liver Salt.”

And Film Weekly sold for three (old) pence!

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