PRC’s little ‘B’, Lady Chaser came onto my radar when I saw Ann Savage’s name in the cast. Famous for Detour, Ann was unfairly relegated to poverty row B’s but still managed to show her talent.
In this she is a blackmailer who innocently gives a girl (played by Inez Cooper)she meets in a store an aspirin for her headache. The girl,also innocently, doesn’t use the pill but subsequently gives it to her rich uncle who drops down dead. Turns out the pill was poisoned.

Ann Savage

Ann Savage

Cooper’s boyfriend,Robert Lowery sets out to find Ann Savage before his girlfriend heads down the last mile for the murder of her uncle.
And the guy Ann is blackmailing ( a very innocent looking Frank Ferguson) wants to knock off Ann – and anyone else who gets in his way.

How so much plot can be shoehorned into 57 minutes, I don’t know, but it works. But you can’t look away for a second!
Ann is not quite the deadly blonde she usually is. She has some good back and forth bickering with her boyfriend, played by William Haade.
Sadly, the print I saw was very poor quality .

Robert Lowery

Robert Lowery

Frank Ferguson

Frank Ferguson

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  1. Where do you find these obscure gems Vienna?
    Wonder who,if anyone owns the PRC stuff,probably their
    films are all in P.D.Hell.
    Lovely photo of Robert Lowery,sans moustache.
    Always felt Lowery was really under-valued he gave decent
    performances,even in really bad movies.

    • A kind friend lends them. I assume from TV in the States. Dont know if it is on YouTube. I’d love a good copy of Lady Chaser.
      I too like Robert Lowery.

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