In 1968, BBC reporter,Cliff Michelmore visited Ginger Rogers at her home in Coldwater Canyon,Los Angeles, prior to Ginger coming to London to star in MAME at the Drury Lane theatre.

Ginger looked great as they sat outside in the sunshine of her garden.
Here are some of her comments:

“I have come from a very hard school. I have had to work very hard for what has come to me. If I got a part in a film, it was always a very difficult role. If I had a dance to do. it was always a very hard one to do.”

“….It has not been dropped in my lap,like a handful of gold.”

“California was unlike Texas where I was raised..”
“My first films here – I had just left my teens – I was big eyed and bushy tailed.!”

” They called the 30s – quite accurately – the golden years of motion pictures.”

“I’m not a social creature at all.”

“My mother is arriving here today – she’s driving down from my ranch in Oregon. She has been a very great influence on my life. – she goes right to the heart of a matter – her directness , and she has taught me that…..she would handle all the business affairs for me.
She had Lucille Ball over in her little school at RKO – she fought for Lucille like she was her own child. “

“It’s a most satisfying experience to be an amateur painter …to take a canvas and put fresh oil on it.”

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