What a delightful Paramount comedy.
A nice change for Brian Donlevy playing the ghost of General Andrew Jackson – Jackson being the hero of small town book keeper,Andrew Long (William Holden)
Holden gets into trouble when he cant balance the town council books. His boss, Porter Hall tells him to forget about it, and so does the city treasurer and even the Mayor.
But our Andrew is an honest man and he ends up being suspended.

Suddenly the white haired general in full uniform appears. The modern day Andrew is so amazed he says, “I thought you were deceased.” The general says he came because Andrew’s great,great grandaddy saved the general’s life.
Andrew’s girlfriend, Ellen Drew,thinks he’s been working too hard when he tells her, “I’m entertaining General Andrew Jackson,7th President of the United States.”

Only Andrew (and his landlady’s dog) can see the general.
Andrew is arrested on trumped up charges and the General appears in his cell,along with George Washington,Thomas Jefferson,Ben Franklin – and Jesse James! The General tells them, “This boy’s in jail for keeping an honest set of books.” Jesse James (Rod Cameron)’s response is,”I could shoot my way out of this tin can.”
Ben Franklin’s idea: “Let us take advantage of our invisibilty and do a bit of spying on these rogues.”


Of course the ghostly figures of the past triumph.
Holden, at only 24, is perfect in the Jimmy Stewart/Mr Smith tradition. Brian Donlevy looks as if he is having a ball, constantly drawing his sword and threatening to cut off an ear, or telling the others,”Step up and fire point blank at their gizzards!”

The ingenious script is by Dalton Trumbo. As one reviewer on IMDB said, “If this is the stuff that got Dalton Trumbo blacklisted, it’s a frightening prospect.”

Brenda Marshall, William Holden, Brian Donlevy on the set

Brenda Marshall, William Holden, Brian Donlevy on the set

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