How many titles!

Down three dark streets to a blind alley on 99 river street,johnny allegro  meets his nemesis in johnny apollo who demands the glass key or the maltese falcon.
As allegro hesitates,apollo says I wouldn’t be in your shoes .


The tension mounts and he should cry danger but he was desperate.
Out of the past he remembers the raw deal he was dealt by the big combo. He wasn’t gun crazy but the racket he was in meant any act of violence could result in the killers walking on dangerous ground till they found him.
As apollo pulled his rod,allegro knew there was no way out,no two o’clock courage in this dark city.
He tried to detour apollo by saying he’d have to go to scarlet street to collect the goods.

But he was expecting the big sleep.The black angel was hovering,or was it the phantom lady.
It was his own pitfall, his own kiss of death.

What’s your story? There are plenty of titles!

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  1. Somewhere in the night, on the street with no name, where the sidewalk ends the thief is gonna walk a crooked mile, while the sniper finds himself in a lonely place between midnight and dawn.

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